Our services cover the legal needs of individuals and businesses, always focused to provide the highest quality service.

Labor Law

This law firm offers advice on those labor-related legal issues that might affect both employers and workers. In this regard we advise and advise our clients on areas such as:

  • Relation between employers and employees (ERE’s, Contracts, Payroll, etc.)
  • Court representation on any labor matter (unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal, sanctions, vacation, geographical mobility, reconciling family life…)
  • Social Security benefits (Disability, Pensions, etc.)
  • Labor contracts and outsourcing
  • Representation at Labor Inspectorate.
  • False self employed.

Fiscal and Tax Law

We offer advice and planning in the Fiscal and Tax . We also provide consulting services relating to asset management for private individuals and legal elements for the purpose of adjusting their situation to strict compliance with the tax laws. In this regard we advise and advise our clients on any matter relating to:

  • Corporation Tax and Inheritance Taxation
  • VAT and IGIC
  • Transfer tax and stamp duty
  • Inheritance and Donations
  • Non-Resident Income Tax
  • Income Tax planning for Individuals
  • Tax Law Litigation
  • Relations with the Tax Inspection

Crimimal Law

Assistance to the detainee; Habeas corpus; Complaints and Grievances; Minor penal judgments (Juicios de Faltas); Abreviate procedure; Short procedure and speedy trial; Summary; Jury cases; Criminal Responsibility of Minors; Prison Law; Resources; Pardons; Cancelling Criminal Records

Civil Law

Juicio Ordinario (declarative process depending on the amount and matter; Verbal Trial; Rental procedures; Parenthood and familly matters, marriage (separations, divorces and annulments, liquidation of matrimonial economic regime de facto unions); Processes of Private Insurance and liability in traffic accidents; Compensation for bodily injury; Asset division processes; Proceedings in matters of succession (inheritance); Payment procedure; Execution of Sentences; Acts of Reconciliation; Precautionary measures; Voluntary Jurisdiction (certificates of inheritance, adoptions, recognitions of children, etc.); Resources (appeal, cassation).

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